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If you've been following me on my Instagram story, you'll already know peanut butter is a staple in my diet. Whether it's a pre-workout meal or a mid-day snack, peanut butter never disappoints. The best part about peanut butter? It helps with weight loss. Peanut butter contains fat-burning monounsaturated fats, fulfilling fiber, a high protein that boosts metabolism, and genistein ( a compound that limits the obesity gene).

20 Foods to Shred Fat and Lose Weight

I firmly believe that what you put in your mouth is more important than how much time you put into the gym. 

Why do I say this? Because when it comes to weight loss, calories are the number one thing you should be looking out for. 

Today we talk about food and not just any food, but food that will help skyrocket your weight loss goals.

The number one reason why you're not shredding fat