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20 Minute Hardcore Six Pack AB Workout

20 Minute Hardcore Six Pack AB Workout

Ready to build a rock-solid set of abs? If so, I introduce you to my new 20 minute hardcore six pack AB workout!

If you invest 20 minutes a day you’ll be well on your way!

So let’s get started.

Do you need any equipment?

20 Minute Hardcore Six Pack AB WorkoutThis ab workout requires very minimal equipment. You’ll need:

  1. A yoga mat or you can also use any soft surface.
  2. Timer (Your phone’s timer will do)
  3. Water

Below are some optional things that may improve your performance as well as burn extra calories during the workout. If you do opt into ordering the items below, only select ONE as they both contain caffeine. 

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20 Minute Hardcore AB Workout

The goal for this workout is to push yourself to NOT take any breaks. 

Each exercise is linked to a demonstration video just in case you’re unfamiliar with the exercise.

Other than that have fun and I know you’ll do awesome!

  1. Mountain climbers – 2 minutes
  2. Suicide planks – 1 minute
  3. Plank jacks – 1 minute
  4. Suicide planks – 1 minute
  5. Mountain climber twists– 2 minutes
  6. Suicide planks – 1 minute 
  7. Plank jacks – 1 minute
  8. Plank on elbows – 1 minute

Do 2 rounds non-stop for a total of 20 minutes. 

Recovery is important for nice abs!

I always tell my clients that if you’re not recovering efficiently then you can be hindering your results. 

Below are some fundamental supplements that I highly recommend to help speed up your results. 

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