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3 home exercises to lose weight at home

3 Home Exercises To Lose Weight Without Equipment

If you want to lose weight at home without using any equipment, you’ll love the 3 fat burning exercises that we go over today.

These exercises are very simple yet super effective. When done right and more so consistently, you’ll find that losing weight at home becomes very easy. 

As a bonus, I’ll be adding a simple tip after each exercise on how to take each exercise up a notch in case you wanted extra calorie burn!

So with that said here are 3 home exercises to lose weight without equipment.


One of the first home exercises that you should be incorporating is push-ups. They’re simple, effective, and can be done on any surface! 

Some benefits of doing push-ups are:

Builds triceps

Builds chest

Builds shoulders

Strengthens your core

Builds your back

It can build your entire upper-body. Now if you wanted to effectively use push-ups to lose weight, you’ll need to increase the number of reps, sets, and time.

Don’t expect to lose weight by doing 5 push-ups and call it a night!

You have to be in the range of 40, 50, or even 100+ push-ups to see the fat burning aspect from push-ups.

Check out the push-up challenge I completed where I was challenged to do 1020 push-ups!

Now a lot of people may not be able to do push-ups due to their wrists hurting…

Well, I have a solution!

Amazon sells rotating push-up bars that help reduce joint strain and helps engage more muscles which align you into doing a perfect push up. Now I know this article is all about losing weight (without equipment) but this becomes an exception for anyone that wants to seek the full fat-burning benefits of a push up without compromise. So what do you need to buy? 

Well, it’s called the Perfect Fitness Perfect Push up, and you can buy it on Amazon here.

Sample push up workout to lose weight

Regular push-ups

10 sets

1 minute of as many push-ups possible per set

Minimal breaks

Plank Jacks

The second home exercise you need to incorporate is what I call Plank jacks. 

This exercise is amazing in building up your heart rate while building your core at the same time. You can either do this while planking on your elbows or on your hand which is also called a full plank.

While in the plank position, you’ll jump out with both feet and then jump back into the starting position. You’ll go ahead and repeat this movement while engaging your core at the same time. I do want to add that to properly engage your core, you’ll need to suck your stomach in and flex your stomach. 

To effectively burn as many calories as possible, you’ll need to do this exercise for time.

So a sample plank jack workout would look like this.

Plank jacks

10 sets

2 minutes per set

Minimal break

Want to take it up a notch? Add ankle weights. Depending on how heavy the ankle weight is will determine the difficulty of the altered plank jack.

You can buy the ankle weights on Amazon here.

Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers are my favorite when it comes to burning calories FAST. It strengthens your core by rapid alternating knee crunches. More so, you’ll also receive the benefits of a Full plank the longer you do the mountain climbers.

In a full plank position ( starting push up position) you’ll rapidly bring 1 knee in toward your chest and alternate each leg back and forth. Through practice, you’ll develop a rhythm that will keep you going for longer.

Just like the plank jacks, you’ll have to do this exercise for the time to reap the benefits of calorie burn. 

Here’s the sample mountain climber workout

Mountain climbers

10 sets

1 minute per set

A 10-second break between set

Take it up a notch? Utilize ab sliders. Ab sliders are perfect if you have a hardwood floor or rug. Instead of forcing your knee into your chest, you’ll simply glide your knee instead. Now, this doesn’t make it easier. The gliding motion targets your abs more efficiently and disengages other muscles. So 

You can buy ab sliders on Amazon here.


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