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3 Horrible Eating Habits That Prevents Weight Loss - AJ LIMCUANDO

3 Horrible Eating Habits That Prevents Weight Loss

When it comes to losing weight, eating habits can either make or break your progress. This is why identifying bad habits early on, will set you up for weight loss success, faster. 

So sit tight and let’s discover 3 of the worst eating habits I’ve seen in my years of Personal Training. 

Eating Mindlessly

3 Horrible Eating Habits That Prevents Weight LossNow, this is a big one because people start to eat mindlessly when they’re bored or are clueless about how much to consume. With the pandemic going on, I wouldn’t be surprised if Netflix and Disney Plus have an all-time high in viewership. What does this mean? More chips, more pop-corn, and more mindless eating. 

This is a very dangerous habit as you’ll unknowingly stack up calories which will lead to weight gain. 

To lose weight, you have to know exactly how many calories you should be eating a day. More specifically, you should start tracking your macros. Macros are your protein, fats, and carbs. 

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So tracking your macros will allow you to be more precise on your calorie intake and more so, you’ll be in full control of how much you need to be eating. 

With that said, the moment you stop eating mindlessly is the same moment you’ll lose weight faster. 

Eating Fast Foods Because it’s convenient

3 Horrible Eating Habits That Prevents Weight LossNow I get it, our schedules can be super busy whether it be work, school, or your personal life. 

Convenience is key to losing weight but can also be used as a bad eating habit. 

Let’s talk about the bad first. 

If you’re short on time, don’t go and buy the quickest option just because it’s convenient. Doing so will cause you to mindlessly order foods that will put you over into a calorie surplus. 

So what is the solution? Well, you need a game plan.

If fast food is your only option, then you would opt for a low-calorie meal that’s higher in protein. Most fast-food restaurants provide nutritional facts with each meal, so be sure to check that out before ordering. 

For instance, In N Out is my favorite burger joint. If I’m trying to lose weight, I’ll opt for their protein style burger with no cheese or added sauces. What is a protein style burger? The hamburger bun is replaced with lettuce. I’ll even take it a step further by not ordering fries and substituting a soda for water. 

As you can see, eating out is not a bad thing if you make smarter choices.

If you want to have an even better more effective game plan, use convenience to your advantage. 

Meal prep your food before your busy day that way you’ll conveniently have food to eat. If you prep correctly, you’ll avoid eating out and even avoid mindlessly snacking. 

So have a game plan for convenience and I guarantee you’ll be on track with your weight loss efforts. 

Healthy Doesn’t Equal Weight Loss 

3 Horrible Eating Habits That Prevents Weight LossLet’s get this straight, the term health and weight loss are two complete entities. Yes, they work well together but don’t think just because you’re eating healthy will get you rock-solid abs. 

I’ve had countless encounters with individuals that claim their on track with their weight loss efforts because they claim to be eating healthy. The majority of the time, these same individuals struggle to lose the amount of weight they would like. 

So let’s go back to the fundamentals. A calorie deficit is what makes us lose weight, which is why it’s crucial to track your calories/macros. 

If my calorie intake for the day to lose weight was only 1400 calories and I eat 1700 calories worth of “healthy food”, then I’ll be taking the steps into weight gain. Now if your goal was to simply be healthy, this would be perfectly acceptable. However, in terms of weight loss, this is horrible. 

So what’s the perfect combination? Have a variety of healthy foods that add up to a calorie deficit. It’s that simple. 


So what did we learn today? To avoid horrible eating habits. I believe it’s crucial to know the negative habits that can be detrimental to your weight loss efforts. More so, the solutions that will solve horrible eating habits so you can fix the issue, today

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