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3 tips to lose weight fast

3 Tips On How To Lose Weight Fast (IN 2020)

In today’s article, you’ll discover some very essential and crucial tips on how you can lose weight fast. 

You’ll be glad to know that these are the same tips I share with my clients who have worked wonders for them in regards to their weight loss efforts. 

So with that said let’s jump right into the good stuff.

3 tips to lose weight fast!

Workout in the morning and do fasted cardio

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If working out is the first thing you do before you start the rest of your day, then you’ll be glad to know that you’ll burn extra calories fast! 

According to health.com, the idea is that when you workout when you haven’t eaten recently, you are burning fat aka stored energy.

So instead of our body utilizing food sources that we would have eaten throughout the day, it utilizes stored fat to get you through your workout.

Now being that your body is depleted of carbs, I would not suggest trying to hit a PR (Personal Record). However, if you’re going into the gym intending to burn fat faster than you would have working out in the evening, then fasted cardio is awesome!

Bonus tip: Working out in the morning can provide the same energy as a cup of coffee.

One study has shown that by doing as little as a 30 second HIIT workout can provide the same effect as one shot of caffeine.

To convince you even more, here are 3 reasons why incorporating a morning workout leads to losing weight faster:

  1. It helps build stronger self-discipline
  2. Morning exercises promote better sleep
  3. Promotes productivity throughout the day

To summarize, a morning workout not only boosts fat burn, but it can also set you up for a very productive rest of the day. 

Eat more protein

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I’ve discovered that the majority of the consultations that I’ve had with new clients revealed that most don’t ever hit their protein goal. Reason being? Because they never knew how much to eat, to begin with. 

If you’ve been following my content, you’ll know that it’s ideal to consume 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight to effectively lose weight and build muscle. 

So if you weight 150 pounds, you’ll consume 150 grams of protein per day. Think that’s a lot of protein? Well, it is if you’ve never tracked how much you’ve been eating. 

My recommendation for tackling all that protein in one day? To portion and organize it into meals and snacks.

Let’s utilize 150 grams of protein per day. Say you want to only eat 3 meals per day with no snacks in between. Well, you would then have 50 grams of protein per meal which would give you a total of 150 grams of protein at the end of the day. 

Pretty simple right? Now it can get a lot more complex when you incorporate snacks, protein shakes, or even splitting your meals into smaller portions. So to make it easy, I suggest keeping it simple from the start until you get comfortable with this method.

So why eat more protein? 

Here are 3 reasons why protein is essential to losing weight fast:

  1. Reduces appetite and hunger levels
  2. Prevents snacking – One study has shown that when a group of overweight men increased their protein calories by 25%, it reduced cravings by 60%.
  3. Boosts metabolism and fat burn – Protein has a higher thermic effect in comparison to carbs and fats. Matter of fact, studies have shown that a high protein group burned more calories than a low protein group.

Simply put, consuming more protein leads to higher fat burn, hence you’ll lose weight faster. 

So what are some good lean protein sources?

3 TIPS ON HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT FAST IN 2020Ideally, you’ll want to consume most of your protein from your meals ( I tell my clients this all the time ). 

However, depending on your lifestyle that may not always be the case. Sometimes we can either be too busy, have no appetite, or can’t afford to buy all that food. 


Utilize a protein supplement. Protein supplements are great for their convenience to provide a huge jump in protein consumption. So if you struggle to hit your protein goals every day, incorporating a protein shake acts somewhat like a cheat code. 

Now as I had mentioned prior, I always recommend consuming the majority of your protein from diet alone. So don’t go around drink protein shakes all day thinking that’s okay…

Because it’s not

Matter of fact drinking too much will cause you to feel bloated throughout the day. 

Best practice? Try to drink a maximum of 3-4 protein shakes a day and then consume the rest from food.

My protein supplement recommendation?

I’ve had my fair share of protein supplements ranging from awesome to plain nasty. 

Throughout the years I’ve determined that the following 2 protein supplements have become a staple in regards to losing weight and building muscle. 

Whey ProteinOn Gold Standard 

Vegan Protein Orgain Organic Plant Based Protein

To summarize, incorporating more protein in your diet offers a plethora of health benefits and most importantly, helps you lose weight fast!

Drink more water

There’s a positive correlation between drinking water and weight loss. One of the biggest factors is the characteristic of water having zero calories. 

Matter of fact, by replacing my client’s beverage choices with water exclusively, the amount of weight they dropped per week improved dramatically. 

The reason behind this is because most beverages besides water provide more calories than what we should be consuming. Not to mention that some drink has high sugar content which is horrible in regards to losing weight. 

So with that said let us jump into 3 reasons why drinking water may help you lose weight.

  1. Water is a natural appetite suppressant – When are stomach senses that we’re full, signals are sent to the brain to stop eating. Water helps fills up space, leading to feeling fuller longer and also helps reduce hunger
  2. Water boosts calorie burn – Studies have shown that 12 people who drank 500 mL of cold and room temperature water experienced an increase in energy expenditure. An increase in energy expenditure simply means our body is burning calories to process the water for digestion. 
  3. A natural detox – Waste buildup in our body causes us to feel bloated, swollen and exhausted (which can lead to added inches on our waist-line). Water prevents this. The reason being is because water helps the kidney to filter toxins and waste while the organ retains essential nutrients and electrolytes.

To summarize, water is more than essential to losing weight fast. Since it’s zero calories it’s one of the first things I tell clients to drink more of. 

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