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30 Minute Quarantine Leg Day Workout (You're Going To Need A Wheelchair After!)

30 Minute Quarantine Leg Day Workout (You’re Going To Need A Wheelchair After!)

In just 30 minutes, you’ll have one of the best leg day workouts ever. So good you might just need a wheelchair once you’re done! 

But it’s okay because we’re all currently quarantined due to the Coronavirus, so you can just chill on the couch and pull up some Disney+ or Netflix after. With that said, let’s squat right into the workout.

Do you need any equipment?

This leg day workout does utilize a barbell and some weights. However, you can simply replace the weights with anything heavy.

You’ll need:

  1. A barbell with plates (Or anything heavy)
  2. Timer (Your phone’s timer will do)
  3. Water (Lots of it)

You’re going to need a boost in energy for this workout so I would suggest drinking some coffee or investing in my recommended energy supplements below.

  1. Amino Energy – Boost of energy, workout recovery, coffee replacement.
  2. Fat Burner – Burns fat, retains lean muscle, clean energy.

Warm-Up Exercise

Before attempting this leg day workout I would highly suggest warming up with one of my core and ab workouts below. 

A warmed up core will help you push through the entire workout and most importantly will help you to avoid injury.

Choose any of the AB workouts below:

Once you finish up the warm-up it’s time to move onto LEG DAY!

DUN DUN DUN. *Added for dramatic effect

30 Minute Quarantine Leg Day Workout

Like all of my workout, the goal for this workout is to push yourself to NOT take any breaks.

Each exercise is linked to a demonstration video performed by me or a qualified instructor. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me directly via email of Facebook messenger

Other than that I have all the faith that you can accomplish this leg day workout! Good luck.

Jump squats with weight – 1 Minute

Deadlift – 1 Minute

Jump squats with weight – 1 Minute

High knees – 1 Minute

Deadlift – 1 Minute

Pulsing lunge with weight on the right leg – 1 Minute

Pulsing lunge with weight on the left leg – 1 Minute

Jump squats with weight – 1 Minute

Jumping lunges – 1 Minute

High knees – 1 Minute

Jump squats with weight – 1 Minute

Complete 3 rounds non-stop!

Recovery is important!

To recover efficiently you’ll need a combination of rest, sleep, and a high protein diet.

More so, you can also incorporate the following supplements that I highly recommend to help speed up your results. 

  1. My most recommended protein supplement
  2. Best BCAA supplement

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