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Aj limcuando client spotlight andy pan

Client Spotlight : Andy Pan

So proud to introduce another successful client, Andy Pan.

It’s been about 2 months now and Andy has seen a huge improvement in core strength, endurance, and stamina. Not only that but we were able to fine tune a weight loss program that works with his lifestyle.

Now it’s not just any weight loss program because during the entire duration, we wanted to retain as much muscle as possible when dropping body fat %.

To achieve this I carefully monitored his caloric intake, protein intake, recovery, training intensity, as well as his work load.

I’m happy to say that everything worked out as planned, and now Andy can enjoy this summer, shredded. Here’s a short video of how Andy feels about the training so far.



Game plan after summer

When it comes to building a client up, I seek not only the short term successes, but the overall picture. That’s why I’ve already developed a blue print for Andy in regards to what we’ll be doing in the Fall.

Not going to spoil the blue print in this post, but let’s say we’ll be packing on solid muscle in the off season.

Cheers to you Andy. This is only the beginning.

Want the same success?

You too can achieve the level of success Andy has made through online coaching. I’ll be accepting 1 to 2 new clients starting June 1st.  This is a first come first serve basis and you can learn more about the coaching by clicking here.

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