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Client Spotlight : Christiana Marisa

I’m proud to introduce one of my hardest working clients, Christiana Marisa.

Christiana is no stranger to my style of training as she’s worked with me in person and has attempted all my written out workouts.

It is rare to find someone who takes the time to put in the extra effort for his clients. AJ’s passion for others well being is his top priority. He pushes you to take back the power that our mentality is wired too. The best advice I heard “ Time will always pass, what you do in that time is up to you.” AJ speaks volumes when it comes to breaking the norm of allowing ourselves to put other elements first than our most important piece, our body. I highly recommend his program and classes. I personally appreciate that AJ watches my form while doing any exercises. AJ Limcuando fitness will give you tough love but the end result is priceless“.

Even though gyms are closed during the pandemic, Christiana has been able to earn dramatic results in just 1 month.

AJ LIMCUANDO CLIENT SPOTLIGHT CHRISTIANA MARISAAs you can see from the transformation pictures, Christiana’s waist has gotten a lot smaller.

Here are some of Christiana’s favorite workouts:

It will only get better from here on out and I look forward to seeing Christiana’s results progress even further!

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