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Insane six pack ab workout - AJ LIMCUANDO

Most Insane Six Pack AB Workout

Today I dare you to try one of the toughest and craziest ab workouts that I have ever crafted.

If you’re a current client or are familiar with my workouts, a lot of the exercises below will be familiar to you. If it is new to you I invite you to discover the how-to exercise videos on my Youtube. While you’re on my Youtube please feel free to subscribe as I will be posting exclusive weight loss and bodybuilding videos weekly.

With that said, let’s get straight to the workout.

Most Insane Six Pack AB Workout

Tip: To get the full effect of this workout, you must be putting in 100% effort. It should take you 20 to 30 minutes to finish. Complete 3 rounds.

  • Mountain climbers on hands (As fast as possible) – 200 reps (Each knee moving forward counts as 1 rep)
  • Plank jacks on hands – 200 reps
  • Suicide Planks (Elbows to hands – hands to elbows) – 50 reps (Every time you come up to your hand counts as 1 rep)
  • Mountain climbers on elbows – 200 reps (Each knee moving forward counts as 1 rep)
  • Roll onto your back
  • Leg lifts – 100 reps (Keep both legs straight and bring up and down in controlled fashion)
  • Flutter kicks – 200 reps (Each kick counts as 1 rep)

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