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The Mentality To Shred & Lose Weight

When it comes to shredding, mentality is probably one of the most crucial elements. I’ve trained so many different clients and one of the first things I ask them is, how bad do you want it? 

& the reason I ask this is because neither parties should or want to waste each other’s time. Matter of the fact is, you can’t force anyone to make a change if their mindset is set to lazy. 

The main reason why most have an unmotivated mindset is mainly due to the fact they have very weak motivators as to why they should do it. Losing weight because it seems cool doesn’t work and losing weight because it’s trending doesn’t work either.

The truth is, the majority are unmotivated because they think they’ve tried every possible solution out there without any success.

But there’s a bright side. A lazy and unmotivated mindset can be changed! 

Here are 3 steps on how you can change your mentality to WANT to shred and lose weight.

Set smaller more realistic goals

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Smaller goals are more achievable. They allow someone to crush goals without feeling overwhelmed. Why? Because accomplishing goals, no matter how large they are, creates an addiction to wanting to do more. You feel a sense of accomplishment by simply completing something and anything. 

So what’s considered a small realistic goal? Well, you can start by limiting how much sugar you have throughout the day. If you typically have candy throughout the day, why not substitute them with a protein bar?

Drink a lot of soda? Drink less. 

Eat out too much? Eat out less or even meal prep.

All these small goals if done at the same time provide the best rewards when it comes to losing weight.

Wake up earlier

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Waking up for your first alarm simply makes your day. Why? becuase it’s an accomplishment. As mentioned previously, crushing goals keeps you wanting to do it more. So by just simply accomplishing the task of waking up, your mind is automatically wired to accomplish more. You become more productive. Most importantly you feel GOOD about yourself. 

Track your progress through visualization

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Tracking progress may not be for everybody. Most don’t even want to step on the scale because they don’t want to confront reality. However, visualization is one of the most powerful tools that will help you lose weight. Some ways I have my clients visualize their results is to simply take a progress picture week by week. This not only helps me fine-tune their program, but it also motivates them by seeing their body transform little by little. 

Another way to visualize weight loss is to have a calendar. Write down everything from the days your working out, the days you’ll be going grocery, the days you need to meal prep, and the days you need to check in with your coach. Seeing all this in front of you takes the overwhelming aspect of losing weight. I’ve applied this technique to many of my clients with so much success. You should definitely consider trying this method. 

To sum it all up

By applying these techniques you’ll notice your mindset starts to change. You’ll develop a hunger that causes you to want to do more and more. 

So stop with the lazy mindset already and start crushing those goals!

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